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Let me start by saying that my husband and I were so nervous about buying a used car. Once we bought a car private party, only to find out after the purchase that if had been in a bad accident. There were no airbags and we had no idea! We were driving our family around in this car.

We looked online for weeks and really felt like we wanted to purchase from a dealer that we could trust. We had narrowed it down to two vehicles and the confidence warranty at Toyota of Puyallup is what sold us. We had peace of mind! During the purchase we noticed the drivers seat panel needed to be re-attached. We drove from a few hours away to make the purchase so we didn’t want to have to drive the car back for repairs. Toyota of Puyallup went out of their way to make sure this repair could happen at our local dealership.

Within a few days of purchase the car maintenance lights turned on and it started having issues. Immediately we contacted Toyota of Puyallup and again, they went out of their way to not only have our local dealership repair it, they provided a rental car that my husband didn’t want to give back. I can’t tell you how nervous we were when this happened, but Toyota of Puyallup rose to the occasion again.

Lastly, the car we purchased had a DVD player and after driving over the pass home we noticed it didn’t have the remote of headphones needed to use. After contacting, Toyota of Puyallup, they reached out to the previous owner to get these. After all of their efforts, they ended up purchasing brand new headphones and a remote for us.

After coming into the purchased traumatized from our previous experiences, I can only RAVE about how pleased we were with Toyota of Puyallup. Buying a car is stressful, and the reality is that things happen; and in our case, things happened that are outside of Toyota of Puyallup’s control.

If you’re on the fence about buying private party or at a smaller dealership, my advice would be that peace of mind is priceless! Toyota of Puyallup treated my family well when we were freaking out. They probably lost money on us, but they cared more about making things right than a quick sale. There aren’t many dealerships that have that kind of integrity now a days. When we’re ready to purchase again, we will be back!

Cassie W.


Last week I purchased a new 2017 Highlander Limited / Platinum from your dealership and we were very pleased with the entire selection and purchasing process. Our family has purchased 5 Toyota's in the last 10 years with the support and assistance of Sales Manager Chuck Scott. In all instances of interaction, I have found Mr. Scott's character, integrity and professionalism to be both impeccable and very rare as it relates to my own experiences purchasing vehicle's over the last 40 years. Mr. Scott's exceptional interpersonal skills include his ability to carefully listen and recognize the significant value and priority of true customer service. I believe he will continue to be an outstanding addition to your team.

I also would like to recognize Tiffany Adams and Morgan Teeters for their genuine support while providing us with a rewarding appreciative closure to the purchase of our new Highlander.

I will continue to refer friends and family to your dealership with a promise they will have a similar gratifying experience.

Thank you,



I picked up my new 2017 RAV4 from Alaska Marine Lines this morning, drove it straight to the local DMV office to take care of the registration and license plates, next peeled off all of the various stickers and the detailed Toyota factory data sheet from the windows, drove over to the nearby Fred Meyer parking lot and sat there inside the SUV for about an hour or so reading the material inside the owner's manual packet to familiarize myself with the layout of the dashboard instruments, function controls and specific operating instructions before finally taking about a 20-mile-long road trip around town to get used to something different besides my 1997 4Runner for a major change to say the least - and the bottom line is that . . .

. . . I'm so happy with my choice - instead of a Honda CR-V/HR-V or a Subaru Crosstrek/Forester - because I absolutely LOVE this vehicle!

Thanks very much to all of you again - Rob, Drew, Teresa and Kerie - in making this entire purchase transaction so enjoyably easy and hassle-free while relying on nothing more than e-mail and phone conversations based on what I originally found advertised to my liking on your excellent dealership website.

I mean, who knew that I would recover so quickly from my disappointing discovery about a month ago that Juneau's Mendenhall Auto Center only had just a few remaining 2017 Hondas, Subarus and Toyotas left on their lot that would possibly allow me to take advantage of the same type of welcome end-of-model-year-clearance-sale discounted prices that you were able to offer?

Thus, guess who I'll turn to first should I ever find myself in a position to go shopping for a 2037 Toyota?

Thank you once more!



I am a very serious new car shopper, using Consumer Reports, web reviews, experience of others, test drives of multiple types of cars, hours and hours of learning, calling on-line sales staff over multiple states... I leave NO stones unturned! Once I decided on a RAV4 Hybrid Limited, Toyota of Puyallup had the exact vehicle I wanted, with no extra over-priced optional equipment, and get this: T.O.P beat Costco's price by a thousand dollars! They even added mud guards at no extra cost!



I felt like it was about me, The minute I drove my car into the waiting area I was greeted with an associate that asked if I wanted my car washed and vacuumed with my service. I said yes. I was then escorted into the service reception area and welcomed. I discussed my service needs and the said they would take care of it and contact me with any issues. The waiting area is very relaxing and they provide snacks and drinks. And WiFi. The price of the service was competitive with other independent providers. I will continue to bring my vehicle here for service for future needs.

Thank you,


I would like to take this opportunity to share an amazing experience I had at Toyota of Puyallup.

My husband and I started looking into buying a car last October. After a disappointing trip to Toyota of Auburn, we decided to give Toyota of Lake City a try with the hopes of buying a new RAV4. We were determined to buy a car because we both had old cars that were no longer reliable. After spending 4-5 hours at the dealership, however, we knew we weren't going to be able to buy a car that day. The sales consultants that we were working with seemed so focused on up selling the car that it was incredibly difficult to get a straight answer about anything. In one instance, we were told that the car would not come with the push-to-start option unless we paid a few thousand extra. We declined this option only to find out that all new RAV4s come with this option anyway. Needless to say, we were not impressed with our Toyota experience. In fact, we weren't even sure if we wanted to buy a car from Toyota anymore.

Then a few months passed and we were still without a reliable car when my father-in-law told us about a nice sales consultant he met at Toyota of Puyallup named Jerry Nix. Based on his first impression, he convinced us to give Toyota another try and encouraged us to schedule an appointment with Jerry.

On the day of our appointment, Jerry came in a couple hours early to meet us when it was most convenient for us. He listened carefully to our concerns as we shared the negative experience we had at the other Toyota locations. We already knew Jerry was different; he was genuine, attentive, and willing to help us make an informed decision about one of the biggest purchases of our lives. You see by then we needed two cars, not just one.

Throughout the day, he answered all of our questions, however tedious they were, and helped us negotiate a price that we felt comfortable paying for two cars. We were truly impressed by the quality of service he provided. With Jerry's help, we were able to walk away with a certified 2013 Prias C and a new 2017 RAV4! We are happy to report we absolutely love our new cars.

In the future, if we have any friends or family that need of a new car, we will definitely be recommending Toyota of Puyallup to them and more specifically, Jerry. I'm not sure if there is any way to celebrate how great of a sales consultants he is but we just thought somebody at Toyota of Puyallup should know... Jerry is amazing!! Thank you.

From a happy customer,
Boyon & Danny


Good afternoon,
My name is Matt and my husband and I recently came to Toyota of Puyallup looking for a Toyota Tacoma. We reached this point after much shopping around and test driving from Bellevue to Olympia. We had previously bought a used car from Toyota of Puyallup, and had a great experience. So, we came back and luckily the same sales person we used before was available, Steve Bjornson.

This is where the fun starts. He immediately got to work with us, walked around the lot and helped us with test drives of all the Tacoma's we were interested in. We got down to the Tacoma TRD Off Road and the TRD Pro. Steve helped us every step of the way making sure we were comfortable and had all of our questions answered. When we were struggling, he had us test drive the 2 again, and that did it for us. He is expert at what he does and has a sense of what the customer wants too. He did all he could to get us to a number we were comfortable with because he knew how much we wanted that truck. This alone was amazing, he knew how much we wanted it and instead of trying to push us to buy it at the top price, he worked with us. Once we got to that, he didn't stop working but helped clean the truck and get it all ready for us to drive off the lot. He was truly great to work with given his expertise, his ability to work for us, no pressure, and his ability to help us problem solve! I can't say enough how grateful we are to have worked with Steve to get this amazing vehicle!

And that is not where our amazing experience ended. Once we completed the sale piece with Steve, we began working with Teresa Ackley in Finance. Let me tell you, she is AMAZING at what she does. She knows her job in and out and is incredibly efficient with it. Not only that but she worked just as hard as Steve did to help us be comfortable with our purchase. She helped us get a great deal with a local credit union, even better than the one we thought we were getting once we left Steve. She talked us through GAP insurance, and all the next steps. She worked tirelessly to get us the best deal and make us feel even better about our purchase. It is really rare to work with someone in finance who really makes you feel as though you're working with a family member who is COMPLETELY on your side in trying to get you a good deal. I wish everyone could work with her and experience what we did.

I don't say any of this lightly. We've bought a few cars over the last few years and have had a variety of experiences. The one we had with this truck though, from Steve and Teresa, is in a completely different league. Getting this truck meant a lot to us, and to be able to afford it with our budget was huge. I really can't say enough about our experience and would be happy to share more with you if you ever want to hear it. The bottom line is that I want you to know how much we really appreciate the atmosphere at your dealership and especially to point out the amazing employees you have in Steve and Teresa. Thank you!



Good Afternoon,
A week ago, we came to work with Lou to purchase our daughter’s first car. My daughter is a very picky person and we came armed with a few ideas of cars that we were interested in looking at on the lot as well as her extensive “approved” list of car makes, models, features, and colors. Because this was a surprise, the whole process took longer than it would have had she been there to choose a car. We spent a total of six hours with Lou—walking the lot, looking at several cars, test driving a few, and discussing this model or that model. He answered all of our questions, did research on any question he didn’t know, and always grabbed a key for a test drive with a smile.

To just say he was helpful wouldn’t do him justice. I know your motto is “Customer First” and Lou really does emanate that sentiment in everything he does (he even threw in a pair of nice, all-weather floor mats because he noticed the car didn’t have any). We’ve purchased our last four cars from him including this one (six in total with your dealership—the two prior we worked with Matt Bunn, who was also great). We are extremely pleased with and full of gratitude for Lou and Toyota of Puyallup to help us find our own cars, so you can imagine how we feel having found a good match for our extremely picky daughter.

The icing on the cake was when we brought the car home and hid it in the garage with a large, red bow on top, and unveiled it after she came home from tennis practice. She actually cried! She loves her new car and is over the moon excited about driving it whenever she can.

Saying “thank you” to Lou and the rest of the team isn’t enough to show how pleased we are with the smile you put on our daughter’s face and the happy tears that fell from her eyes, so I wanted to write to you personally to tell you how amazing Lou is as a salesperson and to emanate how much he cares about doing the right thing for his customers. We love Toyota of Puyallup and any chance we get, we talk about our great experiences with buying and servicing our vehicles with you as well as refer our friends and family. We look forward to continuing to buy our new cars with you (and Lou) in the future.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Megan and Bryan


Morning Sir/Ma'am,
My name is Anthron Shuler, last Monday I got a new 2017 Toyota Corolla. The sales representative was Vanessa Delli Sante. She helped us get a 2012 Kia rio but we found it was not up to our liking, so Vanessa went out of her way to make us feel at home. She help me get a new 2017 corolla, which I never had a brand new car or wanted a brand new car. Vanessa showed me the ins and outs of the car and had my best interest at heart. She is the reason I advertise your business on facebook and spread it by word of mouth. 10 years I spent as a cook in the Navy and I am very critical on customer service and she passed with all colors. All the things customers want in a sale representative she aced it. Sir/Ma'am with service like this know that the Shuler family will always be a customer and toyota will always be our home.



My name is Shanna Weisenburger and I brought my 2012 Camry in a month ago or so for an oil change and for a torque converter issue (covered under power-train warranty). I originally brought it in some months back for the torque converter but the issue could not be duplicated. I continued to drive and the issue seemed to get worse so I asked if I could have a ride along with a tech to show him what I was experiencing. I was so impressed by the knowledge of this young man Justin Adler. He was so kind and knew so much about the issue that I was experiencing. I felt listened to and understood. He took me back to the shop and Fred Goetz took me from there. What a character he is! I loved him. He had a great personality for his position. He knew I needed to get to my next appointment so he got me checked in and I was on my way. All in all I just wanted you and the team to know that you all are doing a great job at taking care of your clients. I even had a moment at check out to chat with another service writer who was very pleasant Rick Kupfer. So thank you for creating a very pleasant experience for clients!!! My car is running great and I look forward to my next service with you and your team.

With much appreciation-