A dark red 2021 Toyota Sienna parked in a desert atmosphere.

Toyota Reveals the All-Hybrid 2021 Toyota Sienna

All-Hybrid 2021 Toyota Sienna Revealed During Toyota’s Spring New Product Showcase

On May 18th, Toyota revealed two all-new models to the Toyota family in their first-ever Spring New Product Showcase. One new hybrid model revealed was the 2021 Toyota Sienna. Overall, the 2021 Toyota Sienna is a truly unique addition primed to make a splash in the minivan market. For a more complete overview, check out what we at Toyota of Puyallup learned from the showcase below.

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The front and side view of an all-new gray 2021 Toyota Venza.

Toyota Introduces the All-New 2021 Toyota Venza

The All-New 2021 Toyota Venza Introduced at the Toyota Spring New Product Showcase

Just last week, Toyota held a Spring New Product Showcase to unveil two new hybrid models to the Toyota family. One of these was a brand-new model called the 2021 Toyota Venza. As a five-seat midsize crossover, the 2021 Toyota Venza enters the populated crossover market with a host of abilities exclusive from its competitors. To dig deeper, check out the overview below, courtesy of Toyota of Puyallup.

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The side view of a red 2020 Toyota Highlander parked along a city road.

What are the Safety Features of the 2020 Toyota Highlander?

An Overview of the Safety Features in the 2020 Toyota Highlander

Keeping your passengers and cargo safe is a top priority for many. Sometimes, an accident or minor fender bender happens when you least expect it. With the 2020 Toyota Highlander, drivers are supported by a strong class of safety features that minimize those chances. At Toyota of Puyallup, we take a look at what the safety features are for the 2020 Toyota model.

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A 2020 Toyota Tacoma hauling a large boat down a wooded road.

How Much Towing Capacity does the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Have?

Breakdown of the 2020 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacity

With summer weather coming up fast, you might be thinking ahead to your next camping or off-road Washington adventure. Looking for the right vehicle to help you along the way? The 2020 Toyota Tacoma can help you out, as it has a versatile set of trailering and off-road capabilities. But how much towing capacity does the 2020 Toyota Tacoma have? We at Toyota of Puyallup decided to find out.

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A small child waving an American flag in the air.

Toyota Puyallup Offering Discounts to Select Essential Workers

Toyota Puyallup Offering 15% of All Parts and Service for Select Essential Workers

With the rise of COVID-19 in our area, many people are risking their health to keep the population safe, healthy, and on the mend.  To give thanks and appreciation, we at Toyota of Puyallup want to offer 15% off on all parts and services to those select essential workers. Check out the details on the special below.

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A vehicle covered with an aged tan cover inside a garage.

What Happens If You Let Your Vehicle Sit for Too Long?

What Can Happen If You Let Your Vehicle Sit for Long Periods of Time

During the coronavirus spread, the last thing on your mind is your vehicle. While we stay at home to wait until the spread subsides, the worst thing to happen is a vehicle that doesn’t run due to it not being used. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we at Toyota of Puyallup investigated what may happen if you let your vehicle sit for an extended period.

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